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Lueroi is a youtuber specializing in pokemon walkthroughs and wifi battles. His first walkthrough is of pokemon Diamond and Pearl in the Sinnoh region. He also does Leaf Green and Fire Red, Saphire and Ruby, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Black and White, Black and White 2, The hacked game Pokemon Brown, and Pokemon Blue. Lueroi has great walkthroughs :) i myself have already beaten the pokemon game series up to the fifth gen. i still enjoy just watching his walkthroughs because i no longer have any of the older pokemon games. Lueroi has not uploaded a video since February 2014, which led to people falsely speculating that he was dead. This was of course proved wrong after he tweeted about Pokemon games. Lueroi plans to do more videos in the future. He also just randomly anonymously left for no reason nooooooooooooooooooooooooooxic AGFXTSdaxhsa gcjkdgfjdGFjDGFUAKgfAYDHAW <FGAUFK

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Lueroi's walkthrough series is addictive ;) when i leave school i go home and watch them instead of television. they are full of excitement :D when you think he is just going to go along the routes he changes and he always has an awesome team of pokemon

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if you are reading this and do not know who lueroi is you should definately watch his videos on youtube. my favorite is when he nicknames his hitmonlee capt. kick :b also my other favorite is his whole soul silver and sapphire walkthroughs

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